It’s time to come home.



For you are the ones we have been waiting for, and it is time for you to rise.

Every molecule vibrates with the power of Our innate potential. I know my potency, and my job is to remind you of yours…for you are not who you were told to be. You are not what you believe. You are so much greater. You are an Infinite Creator - in every sense of the words.

And it is time to restore our Home.

Ah sia tai ah. Ku ma sia.


Ai yah siu tai ah, ku mai ah.

I will tell you my story, however hard it may be to comprehend.  When one has not walked in the shoes of another, there is a space in between. Yet my story must be told for there are others who walk a similar path.  There are some that have come before and there are many whose journey is about to unfold.

Because as I share my journey, it may spark the remembrance of who YOU are. For we are all one and the same, originating from a Divine Template.  You are a Divine Masterpiece. You are a Divine Spark of God Source Consciousness, and as we each remember, the fulfilment of the Divine Prophecy grows closer.  For it is time to Unite, and it is Time to Rise.  Great Warriors of Light, it is the time to return HOME. 





"I must thank you from the entirety of my being and my soul lineage.

You’ve reconnected me to sources that have been above me this whole time that I’ve been clouded from.  

I spoke and sung light language this morning for the first time in this life since being a child. I feel it all began with the introduction of your "kai ah na siu kai ah".

All the things I knew were there, however in the past I lacked the knowingness to uncover again due to past fears."



”I’m a different person since working with Zhara. She could see the energetic blocks that needed to be shifted to enable me to take that final leap forward into anchoring in my soul’s purpose.  Her intuitive guidance and gentle manner inspired confidence in my own abilities and allowed me to leap into the unknown feeling supported and capable.

Working with Zhara changed everything for me.  She gave me the confidence and strength to move forward into new territory, anchoring in the fullness of my soul’s purpose.

I will be forever grateful to her for her deep inner knowing, her intuitve guidance and soul retrieval work.  Since working with her I’m growing stronger, bolder and braver every day.”



”My sessions with Zhara have been some of the most powerful and transformative healings I have ever experienced.

Within our sessions I have experienced healing within the deepest layers of my being to quantum leaps and instantaneous timeline shifts. She has activated dormant codes within me and I have received so much clarity and direction from her intuitive guidance.

Zhara provides such a safe and supportive space to truly open and receive.

I am so deeply grateful for the work we have done together, it has truly changed my life.

Thank you beautiful Zhara.”



When I awoke, I remembered my first language. In a split second, my native language reappeared. It is also yours. It contains the codes of life. It contains the keys to unlocking the heart center; the keys to reigniting the flame that was extinguished by the veil that overtook Creation. It is spoken to spark the Remembrance in The People, for it is time for them to rise; and rise they will.

Past the devastation and destruction. Past the hardships and the pain. Past the current circumstances of their lives, and they will REMEMBER WHO THEY ARE. They will remember who WE are, and they will Unite. They will go forward as one force to restore their home…for restoration is required, and in order to restore, we first must remember.

The return of the living waters

As we have travelled through time we have lost connection with our waters…the waters within and without. The waters of our home, for the waters do not lie just outside of us; they lie within.

Our bodies are vessels of water. Our bodies are vessels for frequency. They are vessels where all manifest creation lies, and we create from this space within. We must look at the foundations before we begin our creations. We must look at our waters.

There was a time on this planet when we could bathe in the flows of primordial healing springs…when we could be at one with the frequencies of Divine Healing Waters. There was a time when we could drink from the streams and never thirst. This time has returned.

For it has been too long that our waters have been polluted, within and without. For water is our essence, our lifeblood; and it is time we return it to the frequencies originally intended.

Now is the time to restore The Living Waters to humanity and the Earth for they hold the Divine Blueprint of Creation.

Together we will create a movement of One that has been foretold. It will take place within the waters.

LifeFX Living Water

A tool for ascension into the next dimensional realms, Zhara has specifically coded LifeFX Living Water Droplets with the Frequencies of The Divine Creator. Containing the origins of ancient mica, a life-giving mineral composition, LifeFX purifies and neutralises contaminants within any body of water. As 99.9% of our body’s molecules are water,  Zhara recommends all drinking water, whether filtered, spring or from the tap, is enhanced with LifeFX prior to consuming.  It is also recommended as an essential emergency preparation tool for the potential times ahead.

“Water is the birthplace of all Creation.” - Zhara

Words From Within 


 These are the sounds of creation