Warriors of Light

We Stand Together

Zhara received a text yesterday. A long message from someone who has been through hell seeing the error of his ways.  Hell because of the guilt and the shame that he has felt upon him. Hell because he has not seen the gifts that this situation has brought.

We would like to speak about this. And we would like to write directly to this man. Because this man is suffering. And he is doing so needlessly. He is looking at himself and he is seeing himself as wrong. He is looking at himself and seeing his actions. His behaviour. His guidance. His life . As wrong.  And we must say to him. Stop.

Are You Ready to Create?

Today we wish to call to the Warriors. Those who are silent. Those who sit on the sidelines. Those who do not yet know their purpose on this planet. For there are many. There are many of you who sit there, awaiting the call. Awaiting your purpose to appear. Awaiting for the clarity to come into your own.

To you we wish to say:  CREATE.  What is it that you are here for? What is it that you are here for? What is it that you are here for?  Ask this question. Ask us this question. Ask yourself this question. Ask the Universe this question. And just wait. Just wait to see what unfolds for you. For you will have put yourself on the path of no return… with the asking of just a single question.


GREAT WARRIORS OF LIGHT, ARE YOU READY TO COME HOME? For you are the ones we have been waiting for. And it is time for you to rise.

This message is not for everyone. It is not for the faint of heart. It is not for those who seek glory. This is for the Warriors.  This is for those who know they are here on a certain mission. This is for the ones who know who they are or those that cannot help but know there is something different about them.