This book is a true story. It has been written to showcase what is possible for the individual as well as the collective human race as chronicled through a portion of my human, galactic and inter-dimensional journeys in this lifetime and those gone past.

It is my mission, calling and intent to remind You of Who You Are and to ensure that as a human species we find our way onto the path that we originally intended when we came forth as part of this Great Race.

Because we are at a crossroads within our nations, our communities, our homes and most importantly, within our own Selves, it is critical we navigate the ending of an era by training our eyes to see what is possible for our own futures and those of the generations to follow. 

The solutions are readily available. In fact, they are widespread. The destiny card is here, and a coalition of voices for change is all that is required to shift from the timeline that we travel into “The Golden Age” that we each so desperately want.

The words on these pages are a calling;

To Remember Who You Are. 

To Remember Your Intent. 

To Remember The Possibilities. 

With Love and Remembrance, 

Zhara Jei-Ni Mahlstedt


This is the template for The New Earth.


I write to each and every one of you here at this time of Great Change, including and especially those who sit in the upper echelons of society, making the calls that differentiate life and death.  To those of you in charge of public opinion through your news and media outlets, I write to you, as well as to those in positions of power, whether that be in the form of local, national or international government. I write to the ones who show their hands in community, who show up to ensure change is made when the time is ripe. 


And first and foremost, I write to each one of YOU, the individuated being who has decided to come forth onto Planet Earth at this time.  The YOU that has more power than you could possibly imagine. The YOU that defies time and space and is sitting here writing with me.  For the baseline template, the blueprint of the human world is about to change, and all we need to do is keep up. 


For too long now this reality has been driven by mankind’s will.  Mostly this will has been taken advantage of, reigned where it was required and pushed forward when it was not necessarily in the best action for the course of history.  Timelines have been adjusted, meteors have shifted time and space, and we find ourselves at a point where the Destiny of the Human Race is at stake.  


It is actually a focal point of goodness, a focal point of justice, where the old is crumbling, turning head over heels in order to see what side is up.  Where do we go from here as a species that has strayed so far from The Creator and his plan? How do we get our wheels back on the track? And why do we need to?  For there is free will choice… why is it a critical period to take the free will on board, but also to find the easiest access points to shift the time space dimensional fields into the Greatest Potential Timeline for humankind? What are we required to see in order to grow through these birthing pains so that we may create an Earth and a Universe in which we desire to live? 


For truly right now, there is an ending to an era, and a critical divide in the nature of reality as we see it. It is a point in time where humanity’s destiny hangs in the midst of giants, monsters, corporations…and most importantly, with the average person. 


Because this average person, when the flame of the Heart is lit, has more power than one could possibly imagine.  When this person steps back into the arms of God, all changes in his reality and the reality of those around him. When enough of these average humans return to their original Creator state, watch out world, for we will see an army rise large enough to squash any takeover, to move through any density and to ensure the original destined blueprint for humanity is fulfilled.


For it is written, and it is in the works right now.  There are humans all over the planet who have the Creator’s Coding installed in their blueprints. All that we must do is ignite. And when this is done, IT is done.  The transition between Old World and New Earth will be complete. For it is a timeline that is destined, and now you and I are the ones who are showing up to do the work. 


I write to you, for it is destiny to find the Ones who are here to take charge. To break the mould of normality. To transcend the dimensions of time and space and to create the Heaven on Earth reality that is currently taking shape. 


In the ethers it builds and trickles down to the planet. Step by step. Timing exact.  There are those who can hold the power that this Force has and those that get blown over with a trace of the wind.  There are those who are here for this journey, here for this ride we are about to embark upon and those who are abandoning ship… quickly, more so now than ever. 


For there is a soul’s journey, a soul’s pathway to follow. So, fear not, judge not. There is always a rhyme and a reason, and there is first and foremost, always a season.


And when the trees are ready to bear their fruit, the timing will be ripe.  


In the meantime, we have work to do, my friends.   Let us begin.