Our Forming Foundation


Vision: Humanity Restored

Mission: To Bring Forth The Golden Age


There was a vision for Earth that was originally instated.  It was long before the record books began. Long before the documents were compiled and long before our society can remember. The keys for this Earth still live within each one of us. 


We invite you to be a part of a larger calling, of a collective that is ready to do the work here on this planet to create the foundations for New Earth.

As the old systems crumble around us, we must begin to design and implement the new that we are walking into.

For the time is now and we must be swift.

PROJECT AH SIA accepts charitable donations to distribute to those individuals and organisations who are taking measurable actions to support the evolving nature of consciousness and to address fundamental systemic change.

PROJECT AH SIA was designed as a connecting point to ensure that our efforts are no longer fractilised, that the individuated Droplets of the Sea unite to produce one giant Wave. 

Organisations and individuals funded span  all sectors of human evolution including technology, energy, health care, well-being, off-grid systems, water restoration, environmental remediation, natural world connection, consciousness evolution, community orientation and small-scale sustainable communities.

A fundamental return to the nature of the whole is at the baseline of all projects that are evaluated.  How do we ensure those who can create or require access to these developing systems, products and programs are supported to do so without having achieved certain socio-economic standing?

This is the primary question that must be addressed.

For the original blueprint of this Earth, the original sacred nature of creation was not for some to go without, for some to struggle, for some to just survive.

The people were intended to be free. The people were intended to flourish alongside nature.

The people were intended to be the love that they were created from.

The intention was that they learn about their wholeness, yet there has been such a severe separation from Source, such a severe hold on the people, that this reconnection for many has been out of reach.

The overarching aim of PROJECT AH SIA is to ensure that the people are supported in regaining their innate birthrights.

If you would like to support with financial or resource donation or join our growing team please connect here. 


The team that is forming is like no other.

We remember our roots, and we remember our connection. We know our mission, and we are here to ensure that this is done. 

We sit in integrity with ourselves, with those around us, with humanity and with our Earth, and we ask the Highest Will be done.

The position we hold is that there was an original blueprint for Earth and those who walk upon her.

Our forming board consists of experts grounded in formalities of finance, business and governance as well as quantum mechanics masters who are able to assist with clarity, timing and strategy. For timing is of critical nature and this must be the assessment with deployment of any revolution. 

We are here to ensure the funding that enters our organisation is sent out to the projects that are run by those in integrity, with those who put heart, Earth and humanity before all. For those who have a true love for this Earth and her people and who will stop at nothing to ensure their missions are completed.

Do you feel the call to join our growing board?  Please connect here. 


There is a tribe who is present on the planet at this time to set the foundations for New Earth.

They are here and they are ready and willing to work.

They are here for the people, they are here for the creatures, and they are here to ensure God’s will be done.

We have been functioning as a disjointed group, with efforts in different areas, different places, under different guidance.

The Tribe is beginning to unite… one by one they come, and with them, they bring their team, their visions and the gifts that they are here to contribute to the world.

They come with their purpose, with their missions, with their hearts aligned and with the full power of God Source behind them. They have come with projects complete, with projects underway or visions that are ready to be fuelled, and they will continue to come.

They have come because they are part of this Tribe that will restore the balance to humanity. Our work at PROJECT AH SIA is to ensure that the projects and the funding aligns, that integrity is at the baseline of all that is being created, for this is the space in which we must move forward. All else is falling away. 

Do you have a project and team that aligns with Project Ah Sia?  Please connect here. 

Together We Rise

Accelerate Change.