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One Nation Under God

When the time came for the people to rebel, to reclaim their freedom, their sovereignty, their own dominion, they came...
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All Roads Lead Back to The Sea

Can we see the Truth of the moment? In every realm we walk, we are all a part of God....
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Darkness is But only a shadow of the Light

When One sees One for who One truly is, the true nature of reality becomes obvious. It becomes the quintessential...
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Narrowing The Gap to Infinite potential

Have you found the time and the space to heal the heart? Have you found the reason to go forward...
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The Gifts of the Creator

As we begin our new path, as One Humanity United on the Destiny Page, may we understand our origins, may...
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Life Encoded

There was a time when languages of this planet were based in unity. When languages of the planet resonated love....
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Raising A Little Man

You are raising a little man.  Not a boy, not a child…there is a turning point in a boy’s life...
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May We Lead Them Home

May we speak to the humanity nations, those who have come before, those who are yet to follow. Your job...
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The Eternal Essence of You

The eternal essence of you is nothing short of YOU, the expression of God/Source/The Creator embodied in human form. Do...
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You are the Change

When you realize the orchestration of Divine Creation, there is no blame. There is only serenity. There is only acceptance...
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What Story Do You Tell? Part II

Do you know that the story that you tell defines your life? It defines your life on every level. The...
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What Story Do You Tell? Part I

Are you telling the story of separation? Or are you telling the story of YOU?  Do you know the difference?...
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